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Founded in 2000 in Taiwan, Formerica Optoelectronics Inc. is an optical interconnect solution leader of 10G, 25G, 40Gb, 100Gb, 200G, 400G and beyond. We provide comprehensive optical solutions for data centers, cloud service providers, telecomm, datacom, storage servers, video surveillance, industrial control, 5G/4G/LTE backhaul and broadcasting applications. Formerica Optoelectronics Inc is a global company with a reputation for excellence in service, reliability, and quality for various industries. In addition, we are a key enabler of AI, IoT, high-definition video transmission products for digital signage, magnetic resonance imaging, and digital broadcasting. We are ISO 90001/14001 and TL9000 certified with world-class quality and reliability. With our factory located in Taiwan, Formerica's products are TAA (Trade Agreement Act) compliant, suitable for Mil/Aero/DoD/TLA and assured communication, and no risk to China tariff.

With extensive expertise in optical components and communication technologies, Formerica offers best-in-class optical transceiver modules, Optical Bypass Modules (OBM), and Serial Digital Interface (SDI). Our wide product portfolio means we have a solution for you, whether your application requires a standard or custom-engineered solution performing under harsh environments.

By leveraging Formerica’s advanced optical technologies, customers reduce time-to-market and development costs while enhancing product differentiation, performance, and quality.  Formerica's efficient optical devices offer very low power consumption and wider operational temperature range, enabling data centers around the world decrease their carbon footprint while drastically reducing operating expenses and lowering their total cost of network ownership.  Be positioned for growth in the global market with Formerica Optoelectronics' leading-edge optical interconnect solutions.

2000/09 FormericaOE set up in Taiwan;
2002/06 Successfully develop Hybrid SFF Transceiver.
2003/09 Supply GE optical component
2004/7 Develop SFP, SFF and 1X9 optical Transceiver of all series for customer and market demand.
2008/06 Ming-Kuang Lu, appoint the chairmen of FormericaOE, who also the chairman of Sino- American Silicon Products Inc.(SAS)
2008/11 ISO 9001 Certified granted.
2011/08 Passed audit and become HP’s approved vendor.
2011/10 ISO 14001 Certified granted.
2012 Successfully develop DVI, HDMI, QSFP products.
2013 Successfully develop Mini SAS HD AOC, OBM
2013/10 Passed SAS Plug Fest Interconnectivity test.
2015/01 Successfully develop 40G QSFP+ PSM4 solution.
2015/02 1Gb LX & 10Gb LR Optical Bypass Modules announce.
2015/07 100Gb QSFP+ AOC announce.
2015/11 Joseph Liu, appoint the CEO of FomericaOE.
2016/07 Joseph Liu, appoint the chairman of FomericaOE.
2017/01 Arrow Electronics joins Formerica as franchised distributor.
2017/03 OFC 2018 March 13-15, 2018 San Diego Convention Center Booth 4718.
2017/03 Digi-Key Electronics becomes Formerica’s franchised distributor partner.

TL 9000 ISO 9001 ISO 14001

  1. Obey environmental protection law strictly
  2. Emphasizing energy saving & CO2 reduction
  3. Full company participation
  4. Maintaining & Improving environmental protection practice. We promise you light and speed up your pipe
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