Use fiber optical transceiver for 2 way communication and control in the surveillance system. The image could be transmitted back to CO while the camera could be controlled (PZT) to catch right picture.

Since optical fibers are made of glass, they can not be tapped as the conventional copper wires. This makes optical fibers an ideal media for building secured networks that will keep potential intruders away from tapping into the video security systems.

Formerica offers total solution (HD SDI to Fiber extenders, SDI/Optical Fiber converters, Smart SFP) will be the best choice.on the security system, and has already several strategic customers in the United States and Taiwan for speed dome, HD digital surveillance, intrusion detection, and digital monitoring applications.

Optical transceiver manufacturer founded in 2000, Formerica is a technology leader of optical solutions for security/surveillance applications. We promise you light and speed up your pipe!

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