Use fiber optic technology for 3 way communication and online diagnosis in the e-healthcare systems. High bandwidth provided by optical fibers guarantees a high definition (HD) MRI image. The high definition video streaming could be transmitted to doctor’s office for providing telemedicine services. Since optical fibers are made of glass, they can not be tapped as the conventional copper wires. This makes optical fibers an ideal media for building secured networks that will keep potential intruders away from tapping into the electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

FormericaOE owns proprietary technology in high-reliability, high-temperature test case, and low power consumption features.

Our strategic customers include those in the United States, Europe, and Japan for e-healthcare applications. Our vision is to use optical technology as an enabler to facilitate timely accessibility and guarantee information security to quality e-healthcare services.

Optical transceiver manufacturer founded in 2000, Formerica is a technology leader of optical solutions for healthcare applications. We promise you light and speed up your pipe!

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