Digital Signage

Optical fiber is a transmission medium favored for applications that require high bandwidth, long distance transmission (up to 50km) and complete immunity to electrical interference. These factors make it ideal for digital signage applications.

High bandwidth provided by optical fibers guarantees high definition /HDMI video for delivering quality video wall solutions. The timely video transmission could be applied to different applications such as entertainment (3D TV, stadiums, movie theaters, casinos), government (public health), and transportation (railway, subway, airport, ferry and cruise).

FormericaOE owns proprietary technology in fiber optic HDMI extenders, DVI extenders, Single Wavelength SFP with pigtale, and SDI/Optical Fiber converters.

Optical transceiver manufacturer founded in 2000, Formerica is a technology leader of optical solutions for digital signage applications. We promise you light and speed up your pipe!

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