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OFC press release

Formerica Will Exhibit power saving 100G solution and new generation of Optical Bypass technology at OFC 2017

Live Demonstration Will Include 100G-SR4 power consumption measurement to show the potential of energy saving and the cost saving.


OFC, Los Angeles, CA - March 21-23, 2017 – Formerica Optoelectronics Inc., a leading provider of optical transceiver solution for Networking, Datacenter and Storage, will exhibit a range of newly developed products covering 25G, 100G, Optical Bypass and Fiber Channel transceivers at OFC 2017, March 21-23. The 100G solution is equipped with new concept to benefit Data Center and Networking with electric powering and followed by expense saving.

“Environment friendly and energy saving are always our mission” said Albert Wey, chief technology officer for Formerica.“ Formerica achieved the lowest power legacy transceiver which contributes industrial application with significant success. We want to leverage this experience, move on and benefit our customer for 100G networking and data center scenario.”

Formerica will hold a live demonstration at OFC for 100G-SR4 energy saving and cost saving. Anyone bring his/her own 100G-SR4 transceiver can try and benchmark the energy/cost saving comparing Formerica solution.

Optical Bypass technology is a fail proof solution for service provider or mission critical networking gateway. Formerica will exhibit new develop Networking Interface Card (NIC) with Optical Bypass technology together with various Optical Bypass module. Formerica will also introduce new 25G transceiver to support the increasing demand of networking bandwidth.

The demonstrations will be held at Formerica’s booth #2455 of OFC show in Los Angeles Convention Center. For more information on Formerica solutions or to schedule an appointment at OFC show, please email Formerica at

About Formerica

Formerica Optoelectronics, Inc., a pioneer solution provider of optical communication, offering products for industrial, medical, commercial networking, Telecom, service provider and data center. Over 16 years, Formerica maintains a full range of portfolio with Fast Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet, 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G, Fiber Channel. Using new technology on optics and production, Formerica keep improving its core competence on optical transceiver. Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Formerica closely works with local representative and distribution partner on expanding the sales channel worldwide.

Press Contact

Formerica Optoelectronics, Inc.

Gina Chen

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Formerica Optoelectronics, Inc.

David Hu

Tel: +886-3-5600286

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