Use fiber optic technology (CWDM or DWDM) to integrate multiple tasks of operation into one way (or two way) data link. The cost of cabling and installation could be significantly reduced.

Optical fibers are immune to EMI noise, making them attractive for building data networks and automation networks in industrial plants where EMI noise is a big concern for signal transmission.

Formerica owns proprietary technology in high-reliability, high-temperature test case, and low power consumption features. We helps our customers to overcome strict weather conditions, temperature variations, salt/ moist intrusion in various applications in the automation industry. Our strategic customers include those in the nuclear power plant, traditional power plant, production line tools, sensor system, and other automation applications.

Optical transceiver manufacturer founded in 2000, Formerica is a technology leader of optical solutions for automation applications. We promise you light and speed up your pipe!

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