In the SAN, the data could be converted through E/O and transmitted to the other point. The typical data rate is FC (1.0625Gbps) and it could be up to 8xFC (1.0625 Gbps x 8). Normally, the distance is around 500 meters.

In today’s internet era, huge amount of data are stored in data centers where hundreds of data storage equipments are installed. Fiber optics offer much greater interconnection bandwidth for data exchange than copper cables. As a result, fewer cables are needed without sacrificing performance. This greatly reduces the complexity of cabling and total power consumption for storage networks.

Formerica offers full range of products from 4Gbps, 8Gbps, 16Gbps in the data transmission between storage servers, storage area networks, data backup system, and RAID system.

Optical transceiver manufacturer founded in 2000, Formerica is a technology leader of optical solutions for storage applications. We promise you light and speed up your pipe!

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